“The Market Prefers”

[from Parser: New Poetry & Poetics 1 (2007): 55-69; ed. Roger Farr]

“As every individual, therefore, endeavours as much as he can both to employ his capital in the support of domestick industry, and so to direct that industry that its produce may be of the greatest value; every individual necessarily labours to render the annual revenue of the society as great as he can. He generally, indeed, neither intends to promote the publick interest, nor knows how much he is promoting it. By preferring the support of domestick to that of foreign industry, he intends only his own security; and by directing that industry in such a manner as its produce may be of the greatest value, he intends only his own gain, and he is in this, as in many other cases, led by an invisible hand to promote an end which was no part of his intention. Nor is it always the worse for the society that it was no part of it. By pursuing his own interest he frequently promotes that of the society more effectually than when he really intends to promote it. I have never known much good done by those who affected to trade for the publick good. It is an affectation, indeed, not very common among merchants, and very few words need be employed in dissuading them from it.”

— Adam Smith, An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, Volume I, Book IV: Of Systems of Political Economy, Chapter II: “Of Restraints Upon the Importation from Foreign Countries of Such Goods as Can Be Produced at Home,” General eds., R.H. Campbell & A.S. Skinner, Textual ed., W.B. Todd. (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1976): 456 [1776].

Fine, so long as they arrive the market prefers the golden colour with a single centre that will store all winter.

Because the market prefers pear-shaped fruit, female plants are normally removed from production soon with orange blush.

The time of harvest can be chosen according to which appearance the market prefers. The February appearance seems most desirable.

However, abstraction is generally considered to be a Western monopoly. And the market prefers to see Chinese works that look like they come from China.

The market prefers other options—wood.

Over the years, stock analysts have suggested that the market prefers Republicans in the White House.

An editor of the Financial Times reported on CNN’s In the Money that the market prefers a divided Presidency and Senate.

The market prefers the existing home sales report, which has a sample data pool.

But according to Phillips Infotech, more than eighty percent of the market prefers dedicated in-building systems for on-premises use.

The conclusion seems self-evident: the market prefers peat to substitutes, so-called.

Traditional cellular phones are permitting the trypanosusceptible zebu genotypes, which the market prefers (Jabbar et al., 1997, 1999), to colonise these areas.

Remember to describe the product in terms of the features the market prefers.

The market prefers a Bush presidency.

While the market prefers certainty, predicting and forecasting are inherently uncertain and prone.

However, a large percentage of the market prefers the annuity-style structure used by insurance companies to match their liability.

The government determines the currency’s value. As long as the market prefers other currencies, Dr. C— said, Canada’s currency will continue to deteriorate.

The “hub” airline continually jams the arrival and departure times that the market prefers, competition is non-existent, and cost is dictated by the dominant.

Buying low may have worked in the past, but this time around, the market prefers to be safe rather than sorry. This can all be attributed to the fact that the high-end segment of the market prefers Diners.

Scrip closed yesterday at $2.00 seller—the last sale was $2.08—which suggests that the market prefers to view the stock from a post-abnormal perspective.

Lets you build a catalog of items the market prefers.

No action: monopoly profits gained because the market prefers Microsoft’s products; break up: removing potential for anticompetitive behaviors.

In other words, it pays to produce roots that look wild. The market prefers old roots.

Part of the market prefers to develop its own signals and timing to achieve specific results.

Are geared for the manufacture of large luxury cars and the market prefers smaller economy cars production costs are likely to be relatively large, revenues.

The optimal selection of technology for period h+1 when the market prefers scenario m and t represents the currently installed process technology in period h.

The market prefers large- to small-scale investments.

The market prefers short- to long-term returns.

Rather than look to such numbers and earnings per share, the market prefers increasingly to judge a company’s performance on its cash flow.

Sure, they are big. But nobody wants the meat or the hide. The market prefers the standard meat breeds. There is no market for the skins.

But it seems the market prefers to wait for the goodies to be actually given before bidding.

So its preference for identity preservation does not necessarily mean the market prefers that solution.

Whether the market prefers a large 17" or 19" CRT as opposed to a 14" or 15" LCD.

Today are unlikely to weigh on Woodside’s share price, as the market prefers to focus on the company’s growth.

Surprisingly, this work was passed at $1,800,000, perhaps an indication that the market prefers a colorful splash.

And we can reduce costs by acquiring body mass. In any case, the market prefers bigger organisations—and they are also just much easier to run.

Fund to the back of the pack before, particularly when the market prefers growth stocks over the utility, financial and tobacco issues Dreman prefers.

Harding which combine sufficient earliness with the dry matter content that the market prefers.

The market prefers those created starting from 1960 because the previous ones, being performed on raw.

Most ISPs offer flat rate plans because the market prefers them and it avoids customer resentment.

Age is another factor that influences value. Generally, the market prefers something new to something old. However, the impact of age on value declines.

How each subsegment of the market prefers to buy and be ubiquitous. The market prefers little or no change to drastic government initiatives and having a split government would keep both parties from doing anything jarring.

The market prefers the convenience and re-sealability of the 500ml Virgin bottle.

That’s a perfect illustration of how the market prefers the certainty of an increase to the possibility of an increase.

Often the market prefers a blocky shape.

But the market prefers Californian Wines.

Nebraska is gifted with the resources and expertise necessary to produce corn with quality traits that the market prefers.

Many companies have recently found that the market prefers products which are produced as environmentally consistent as possible.

We know a significant segment of the market prefers to make this important buying decision in the language of the grunt work for you by trying to determine exactly what the market prefers at the moment, and what the bears are leaving alone. This sort of information.

The market prefers fish weighing more than two kilos. “And the larger we get them, the more we get paid,” says J—.

Our growing chipset support demonstrates that the market prefers evolutionary, open standard memories to proprietary, non-standard memories.

Despite its high-tech interests in designing electronic defence systems, the market prefers to view the group as little more than a metal basher.

Smaller DSL providers, the author of the article states that: “The market prefers companies that offer a broad array of services, such as super-speedy data.” A rice production and processing system may not need to produce premium grade rice if the market prefers another type.

This is the only mass produced model, since the market prefers to produce bicycles, an important business in the period preceding the war.

The BL-250 portfolio shows that, except at certain times, the market prefers growth to value stocks.

In the absence of any drivers, the market prefers to adopt a wait-and-watch attitude.

The market prefers Bush.

The market prefers dark green straight and long cucumber fruit.

The more popular types. Won’t they? Merge, or take on strategic partners, that is.

Clearly, the market prefers the former, rather than the latter. There was plenty evidence of that.

Yellow Finn, however, is an exception. The market prefers smaller sized tubers.

A sizeable segment of the market prefers the convenience a gel can provide in pain relief therapy.

The market prefers shallots with dark green straight leaves.

The market prefers harmonisation to fragmentation. This stimulates competition for high volume markets and downwards price pressures.

You may very well know within a few minutes whether the market prefers the orange and purple striped roses or the pink and green striped ones.

Who provide COTS products (such as Microsoft and Intel) know that the market prefers features over trustworthiness.

If the skies remain blue and unless the market prefers some alternative the openly-evolving MACK might well graduate into the mainstream.

While not too far north, the market prefers hardwood floors and carpeting.

The market prefers to wait for indications of how the situation in the Middle East will develop before deciding whether prices should rise or fall.

A market-oriented economy, the city’s blind folk have fallen on hard times, as the market prefers high-quality products made with advanced technology.

Not any “ol’ goat” is acceptable, neither is any “ol’ feed.” The market prefers Boer, Kiko and Tennessee Fainting Goats and requires “prime” and “choice” grades of the Nebraska Corn Board.

Pear-shaped fruit comes from a hermaphrodite plant. In sheet form. That reduces the costs substantially—by more than 30 percent. It also gives us lots of flexibility in size and the market prefers size.

“Overall, the market prefers decision and we haven’t got that yet,” he said.

If a large portion of the market prefers to obtain all voice services as a package—and there is general consensus that this is the case.

One can ask, why the market prefers to invest money for RES projects in the Islands.

The answer is simple. These gems generally are more expensive than their untreated, greener counterparts. As it is known for reasons of scale. Because most blue aquamarines are heated and the market prefers blue.

Maybe the right answer is a hybrid between the two, but how we charge for it is going to be a function of what the market prefers.

Able to write his or her own treatment is total bullshit. Yes, the market prefers known names and those with track records to outsiders—show me the market.

SIA’s choice is above all motivated by customer demands: the market prefers the Boeing 777, its cabin is bigger, and for our European routes.

Presently, the market prefers some trimming of the tops. Just sell them.

Efficient marketing entails knowing what the market prefers, and then meeting that demand.

This course resulted from the fact that “the market prefers focused companies,” H— said.

“This fixes the cost of their debt for several years,” F— said. “The market prefers to see a permanent rate that they can count on.” The bulb onions grown in Ohio are the long day storage varieties. But it will be interesting to see which approach the market prefers.

Often the largest downgrading defect for structural and appearance timber—the market prefers clearwood.

The market prefers seeds that are well matured with a good yellow color. Size and number of knots can be alleviated.

The market prefers products and services that reduce consumables and are energy efficient, durable.

The market prefers local pigs as the taste of pigs suitable for stall-feeding is considered. In particular swine & cattle inside the two cities.

Generally the market prefers people with expertise in a particular line of business: people who have qualified as Chartered Accountants and have some years of experience.

The market prefers transactions that are expansionary, boost market share, enhance geographical sales.

Bombay and New Delhi pointed out that WA desi chickpea varieties Sona and Heera were of superior quality and the market prefers such varieties.

The market prefers measures by Level of Service.

For traditional R22 systems and those driving to reduce size and weight the market prefers R407C over R134A.

Export of whole unsplit carcasses to France because that is what the market prefers for cutting in that country.

That is exactly the kind of measure which fruit is complimentary to Australian fruit due to opposite seasons. The market prefers US fruit due to quality consistency.

Know how each sub-segment of the market prefers to buy and be ubiquitous.

It is simply untrue that the market prefers wild golden seal and in fact cultivated material commands a higher price.

The most commonly grown sweet potatoes are the orange-fleshed types. The market prefers those that have deep orange moist flesh & smooth thin copper.

When as little as twenty-five percent of the market prefers non-biotech, then losses to consumers may outweigh gains.

It is the clean, dry grain that the market prefers.

Most Americans are not much for reading, and the market prefers dubbing. I thought so too but I heard (on NPR where else?) that this isn’t really true.

Seabait also exports to the Mediterranean where the market prefers one-to-two inch worms as bait for the very small seafish commonly caught.

Land experience varying degrees of constraints to development, this is why the market prefers a greenfield site.

In portions of the United States, the market prefers to own a potential building site.

This is partly due to tradition, and partly due to the valid perception.

As the guru of “one price,” R— states that thirty percent of the market prefers to negotiate the price of a car.

HFC no longer offers inflation-indexed mortgages because the market prefers conventional mortgages and the company no longer has access to indexed funds.

Obviously the market prefers to see the sunny side.

In this example, the market prefers higher profitability (ROA) and greater safety (stronger capital adequacy).

“The market prefers cheaper brands,” Hart said.

The market prefers Internet firms making B2B announcements.

The market prefers algorithms whose sources have been published and that are trusted and to make everything fit into a desktop box that the market prefers.

Folks who are left of center don’t like to hear this, but the market prefers Bush to Gore because of Gore’s proclivity to micromanage the economy.

Earnings even before the merger announcement, it is hardly surprising that the market prefers not to focus on how the merged one will justify price-earnings.

Companies managed by funds outperform ones with dispersed ownership and the market prefers funds which are trying to influence the companies.

There are of course exceptions but generally 80% of the market prefers Japanese language sites.

Yellow Finn, however, is an exception. The market prefers smaller sized tubers.

New investment projects depend on where the money comes from? If the market prefers high dividends yields, firms may be hesitant to take new investment.

The market prefers to the maintaining by China. Other implications are obvious.

Demand is high today. Coffee beans were our trade. But the market prefers cocaine.

Maybe the market prefers ventures that are more upstream, structures with less debt.

Is a tradable upswing followed by meltdown again. It looks like the market prefers the first way. AMAT, INTC all bounced back from their resistance levels.

To exist as a privately provided currency, denominated in whatever unit of account that the market prefers.

The market prefers cocaine.

Find support for the view that the market prefers the election of a Republican president.

For example, Niederhoffer, Gibbs are significantly positive when parent-firm insiders leave the spinoff’s board indicating that the market prefers complete independence for spinoff firms.

Been using aglime, the increased pH and calcium content of our soils has enabled us to grow the higher yielding Virginia peanuts which the market prefers.

However we believe management has understood that the market prefers to be positively surprised than the contrary.

The last harvest the range had increased 300g to 750g. Since the market prefers fish of more uniform size, a means of grading the fish prior to harvest.

The airline buys a small number of large jet aircraft when the market prefers a higher frequency of smaller flights.

A stable matching (mu F or mu W ) that is optimal for that side in the sense that no agent on that side of the market prefers any other stable matching.

The market prefers focus strategies. Another wrong signal from Suez.

This segment of the program should help cow/calf producers to better understand the types of calves the market prefers and why they get the higher prices.

Enforced by order of magnitude cheaper digital cash backed by whatever the market prefers.

Or as B— is so fond of inferring, the market prefers to do business with partners who are able to supply answers and deliver goods or services accurately and on time.

The market prefers thick-walled, blocky fruit with four lobes. In Scandinavia, the market prefers the shorter fruited types.

Superlights chains move slowly because the market prefers big look.

Many companies have recently found that the market prefers products, which are as environmentally compatible as possible.

The domestic production for the sports footwear has been decreasing as the market prefers brand name imported footwear.

In practice, if the market prefers to import gas from Norway, it should be able to do so, rather than being constrained. But further market research is warranted to evaluate this conclusion.

The market prefers grade ‘A’ and in particular grade ‘AA’ beef overall.

Secondly, the market prefers the decentralized, closed-access proprietary network environments in accounting.

The market prefers cash deals.

Apart from the new technologies, the market prefers large-cap, blue-chip offerings.

I guess this is what they figure the market prefers.

What market research has been undertaken to suggest that the market prefers us to be IMCA (Association) as opposed to IMC.

Work here that an aggregation of small changes is unlikely to offset. If the market prefers branded drinks companies to food companies, that is.

Government package, which includes tax reductions, was not totally negative, the market prefers to see the conditions clearly.

Interviewees said that the market prefers a skin-off carcass ranging from 22-32 kilograms.

However, because the market prefers maintenance-free equipment now construction using a tempered worm wheel and believing that a final resolution is close.

It would seem the market prefers Bush, but we suspect the main fear has been a serious constitutional crisis.

Meat is sold in all States and the market is relatively stable. Supply usually exceeds demand. Competition can be intense and the market prefers fresh meat.
To a third of wheat harvested in WA has quality below what the market prefers.

PP can be obtained using either bubble or flat head extrusion technology. The market prefers cast PP, while bioriented PP is used to get thinner sheets.

However, there is little evidence that the market prefers pooling of interests to purchase accounting, either from the reaction to merger.

For companies, the market prefers using connections through ISDN lines, which allow data transmission until 128KB per.

Informal or de facto standards arise when the market prefers one technology or design from a particular manufacturer or group over competing designs.

With broccoli there is a strong tendency for the denser. The market prefers smaller heads.

Second, the evidence mounts that the market prefers the decentralized, many-tomany World Wide Web for electronic commerce than the centralized.

“And Viacom,” said T—, an analyst with Sanford C. Bernstein. “They are small, and the market prefers the big players like Yahoo and America Online.” Second, as Malone (1995) has argued, the market prefers the decentralized, manyto- many Web for electronic commerce.

Because it would make obvious the fact that the market prefers not to use Microsoft’s web browser and related “technologies.” Merely that.

“Switched over to white wheat, and now they basically control a good deal of the Asian market for wheat because the market prefers the white wheat,’’ M— said.

To this list, it is evident that the market prefers the first series. I will expose it.

The market prefers the two largest, Infogrames and Ubi Soft.

The market prefers earnings visibility now, but Maelor’s shares offer a potential longer.

How can we determine if the market prefers the products and services? A concept test can be critical to verify.

But the market prefers cocaine.

Grown from seeds or cuttings, depending on variety and what cultivar or type the market prefers.

Secondly, I think most would agree that companies the market prefers a liberal gov’t rather than Beazley. I don’t think Labour’s current.

Cruise Lengths: The younger segment of the market prefers shorter and more frequent vacations. Retirees and empty nesters want to stay.

The share rise shows the market prefers tomorrow’s profits.

The market prefers mergers of comparable businesses, like HP/Compaq.

“An unstable situation was created, because the market prefers my brother and I as the leaders,” G— said.

The market prefers low cost quality local products to imported ones.

Some of the US mills do gain market share, but you have to remember that in structural lumber the market prefers Canadian spruce, pine, fir.

Yes, I know, that’s not what the market prefers.

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